Completed Master of Science, Information Security and Assurance

If you have been following my website, which you probably haven't since I don't update often enough to keep it interesting, but anyway; I started to go back to school to get my Bachelors of Science degree in 2011. When I started I knew that the B.S. should only be the beginning, after all, I had been in the technology industry and career field for 18 years. So my intent was to complete the B.S. and go directly into an advanced degree. When I completed the first degree 17 months later in 2013, I wasn't sure which direction to go. I was trying to determine if I should move towards a MS in InfoSec, a PhD in InfoSec, or some other degree. I ended up moving towards the "Masters of Science in Information Security and Assurance" with the intent on adding something like an MBA later.

So here it is, January 2015, I completed the "Masters of Science in Information Security and Assurance" degree program and graduated in October 2014. And I'm wondering what I should do next. And lately I've been contemplating Law or  Business degrees. I could easily continue to go to Western Governors University for an MBA and likely not have to take a GMAT test. Or I can try and get into one of the Brick and Mortar schools in the area such a Berkeley, Stanford, Santa Clara, etc. by scoring high on a GMAT.

Or the other path I am considering as mentioned is a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree. Those same local schools have law programs as well, so I could study for and take an LSAT test to see if that may be an appropriate path. For the law school option, there is a similar path I could take to the one I took with WGU, and that would be to attend the Concord Law School by Kaplan University. Since I have proven that online school works for me and I live and work in Caliifornia, this is an option.

What do others think? 

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