Interesting day in information security

Today has been a big day for news in the Information Security. The Department of Justice has the news on their own website regarding "Sixteen Individuals Arrested in the United States for Alleged Roles in Cyber Attacks More Than 35 Search Warrants Executed in United States, Five Arrests in Europe as Part of Ongoing Cyber Investigations" has a scanned copy of the 12 page indictment on their website with 13 of 14 names and aliases listed.

On the indictment, there are 1 count 18U.S.C. §§ l030(b),(c)(4)(A)(i)(I)-Conspiracy and 14 counts of 18U.S.C. §§ 1030(a)(S)(A),(c)(4)(A)(i)(I),(c)(4)(B)(I)-Intentional Damage to a Protected Computer.

The next several months should be interesting. With so much media coverage of the actual events and the name Anonymous, I wonder how finding a jury that knows enough about computers to understand what is being stated in any court hearings is not going to have some sort of prejudice going into a trial. 

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