Motorcycle Battery woes

This weekend I went into my garage and checked the battery on my motorcycle, knowing that it would be low because I have not ridden it in a while. Several reasons that I haven't ridden include the fact that the office at work is STILL being renovated, the weather has been very wet here in Northern California and I don't have anyone close by to ride with.

So when I go in there, I press the key in, and turn the ignition on, flip through the dash computer to the battery status page and note that the batter is sitting at about 8.4v.

I think to myself that this is not too teribly bad, and I clamp my charger onto the battery post and the frame and then plug it into the wall. I set the charger for a 2A charge and leave it sit.

After just a couple of hours, I go check on it; not quite 11v so we're getting there, but if I take the charger off, and start the bike, there will not be enough juice to start it a second time. Say if I were to take it for a ride, so I leave it attached over night.

I go out and check it first thing in the morning. Everything seems fine. I disconnect the charger, turn the ignition on, and the display reads somewhere around 13v, that should be ok as it reads 14.1v when I'm riding it. So I thumb the starter and it clicks like the battery is dead, I turn the ignition off and back on and I get an Immobilizer error.

Immobilizer Error, what the heck does that mean?

Gah, looks like I need to take it back to the shop and find out what is going on. We shall see.