I'm Bummed

Ok, so here's the story,

Just before I left PaymentOne I started having a little trouble starting my bike, I thought the battery was dieing, I didn't have time to mess with it so I just put it in the garage. A couple of weeks ago I through a charger on it and tried to start it a couple of hours later, it still had symptoms of a dead battery, so I decide to buy a new one.

I finally got around to getting a battery this weekend, and the brand new one seems tbe having a simlar problem. I tried to jumpstart the bike off of my truck, and it's acting like that has a dead battery too. There is no way that my truck battery doesn't have enough juice to start the bike, so I'm taking it back to East Bay Motorsports to be looked at on Thursday. Later Saturday morning, our friend Christina comes over with her new baby so I want to get some pictures. I was able to take 3 pictures of Christina's baby then the camera started to produce an "Err 99" with every attempt to take any more picutres. I probably tried to take 20 or more pictures, cleaning the lense contacts, reseating the battery etc. Nothing, "Err 99" every time.

So now my camera is on it's way to a repair facility in So. Cal. Hopefully it will be back in time for Christmas.

This is a crop of the last image my camera took