New Tablet and Artwork

So last night I got a new digitizing tablet for my computer and started playing with it.

It took me a little bit to get the latest drivers installed, as they wouldn't run from the CD on Windows 7, so I downloaded them and ran them directly.

Once they were loaded, things started going more smoothly.

Note, windows 7 did recognize the tablet right away, but the input wasn't smooth.

Here is one of the first drawings I made with the Tablet

Cornerstones of Trust

Spent the day at the Cornerstones of Trust Security Conference today in Foster City. Spent the day on the technology track.

In this track, they discussed Virtualization and Cloud Computing and the security implications of using cloud computing. I found the information regarding some of the new VMware security products that have been announced very interesting, now these were not VMware vendor discussions but rather the points of view of a technologies who is in the process of implementing them and following their products.


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