Dinner in San Francisco

Melissa and I went up to San Francisco for dinner last night. We stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point and headlands of Marin to get some pictures.

We went to Trang Long for Crab, and dinner was excellent

Here is one of the pictures form the Golden Gate Bridge

Snowboarding yesterday

So, I went up snowboarding with a couple of friends to Northstar this weekend. We had a blast.

I took my first black diamonds this weekend as well. Now I realize that what Northstar considers black diamonds, others may consider blue, but still

We are going up to again this coming weekend. Drop me a line if you want to go

Visit to San Jose Airport (SJC)

I borrowed a friend's camera for a photoshoot that didn't happen today. When I was going to return it I got to San Jose and couldn't get ahold of him so I decided to head over to the San Jose airport until he called me back. I was practacing taking pictures of aircraft. It was pretty hazy today and this is one of the best captures of the day.

I'm Bummed

Ok, so here's the story,

Just before I left PaymentOne I started having a little trouble starting my bike, I thought the battery was dieing, I didn't have time to mess with it so I just put it in the garage. A couple of weeks ago I through a charger on it and tried to start it a couple of hours later, it still had symptoms of a dead battery, so I decide to buy a new one.

Thanksgiving Trip

We had a great trip to Oregon for Thanksgiving this year. I took my new camera and shot so many pictures. I only kept about 730.

This year was special because my Grandmother (dad's mom) and my Grandfather (mom's dad) where both in town.
My brother and his wife and kid also joined us. Needless to say, it was a little crowded at the dinner table.

It was really good seeing everyone again and I miss them already. It's time they came down and visited me ;)

Snowboarding Trip

I went snowboarding this last weekend, I had so much fun. I would have had a lot more fun if I had someone to share it with as I went by myself.

The snow was near perfect, and the weather was beutiful. It was like spring skiing.

It's supposed to snow up there this week, so this weekend should be great, hopefully I will be able to go again on Sunday

I got some pretty good pictures too, click the picture to see the rest

Killer moonrise

Rather the go on my normal Monday Night Ride, I decided to head down there in my truck, show off my new camera and possibly get some pictures.

And rather then following my friends out to dinner I went off on my own, up skyline and decided to take some pictures of the lights from there.

Shortly after I got there the moon began to rise over the eastern horizon.

I wasn't able to capture it in it's deep red state, but I was able to capture this image. I love this camera.


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