New backdrops

My studio is starting to come together, I purchased new backdrops today. They where purchased from Keeble and Shuchat Photography. That place is awsome, there is so much photography stuff in the two stores they have in Palo Alto, CA. I need to stay away if I don't want to go broke.

I had to test out my new backdrop so here is a picture of Cassaudra. The rest are in the photo gallery, just click on Cassaudra to see them...

Moved... Finally

We are finally moved, I turned in the keys to the old place today.

I think I might go back and check the mail in a day or so since we didn't actually submit change requests to the post man directly but rather through

Now we need to unpack and settle in, this is probably going to take a couple of weeks.


We've decided it's time to move. On the 15th of February we will be moving to this home in Tracy, CA.

It's about the same distance and time from my new job and is a lot closer to one of Melissa's friends.

Of course everyone is welcome to come visit.


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